Herzog condemns ‘barbaric’ islamist attack in Moscow

Herzog condemns ‘barbaric’ islamist attack in Moscow

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Saturday night condemned the “barbaric” terror attack on a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow. “I spoke with the Russian ambassador to Israel to convey, on behalf of the Israeli people, my condolences to the families of the victims, to the Russian people and its leadership for the terrible loss of life, and wished a speedy recovery to all those injured,” said Herzog.

“I emphasized that terrorism of any kind, especially jihadist terror, indiscriminately targets all peoples, of all beliefs and religions, while sowing fear and destruction,” he added.

On Friday night, ISIS terrorists armed with automatic weapons and incendiary explosives entered the hall, with videos posted to social media depicting the men shooting into groups of civilians at close range. At least 133 people were killed and more than 140 wounded in the attack. More than 50 ambulance crews were dispatched to the scene.

Authorities have detained 11 attackers. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a national day of mourning for Sunday and pledged to punish those behind the attack.

A similar attack was planned for March 7 on a synagogue in Moscow, but the terrorists were previously arrested by Russian security services. Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said the Islamic State cell, based in central Russia's Kaluga region, had been planning to kill Jewish worshippers at a synagogue in the Russian capital. 

"During their arrest, the terrorists put up armed resistance against FSB officers, and as a result, they were neutralized by return fire," the TASS news agency quoted the law enforcement body as saying. "Firearms, ammunition, as well as components for creating improvised explosive devices were found and seized," it added.

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