Four arrested in NYC, accused of attacking Jews

Four arrested in NYC, accused of attacking Jews

A New York City Police Department cruiser. Credit: Photo Spirit/Shutterstock.

Three teenagers and a 28-year-old were arrested in New York City in the past few days on suspicion of attacking Jews.

Yehia Amin continued to yell “I will die for Gaza,” “F- Israel,” “God kill all the Israelis” and “God kill all the Jewish people” while in police custody, per Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Amin, who pleaded not guilty, is accused of yelling antisemitic insults at an Israeli tourist and the latter’s four friends—all of whom wore yarmulkes—after seeing them in Times Square. Amin allegedly followed the group for blocks and said, “Hamas should kill more of you,” “May Allah kill you,” “May Allah kill all the Jews” and “All Jews should die.”

“When the group reached West 47th Street, they tried to report Amin to a security guard, but Amin continued harassing them,” per the district attorney. But as the victim and his friends headed for a train station, “Amin continued following and made additional statements including, ‘All Jews are crybabies,’ ‘I want to die for Gaza,’ ‘I want to kill you,’ and ‘I want to kill you for Gaza.’”

“After harassing the victim and his friends for over 10 minutes, Amin sprinted up behind the victim and punched him in the back of the head, causing redness, swelling and substantial pain,” Bragg added.

On Friday, New York City Police Department officers arrested three teenagers—two 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old—who allegedly punched a 40-year-old man returning from synagogue, attacked a 15-year-old boy while yelling “free Palestine” and repeatedly kicked a 27-year-old man the previous weekend. All three victims are reportedly Jewish.

Source: JNS