The Queen


Esther, a young Jewish woman who becomes a Persian queen, is an unusual biblical heroine.
Initially a passive and obedient girl, she follows the instruction of Mordecai, her cousin/adopted father, hiding her Jewish identity and joining King Ahaseurus' harem, where her beauty and docility make her a favorite with the king.

When Mordecai informs her of a genodical plot against the Jews by Haman, the king's evil vizier, at first she refuses to intervene, demurring that she is forbidden from approaching the king without invitation.

This crisis transforms Esther from a docile girl into a courageous leader. Taking charge of Mordecai's effort to stop Haman, she devises a risky plan that uses her beauty, charm, and political astuteness to save her people. In doing so, she reveals her true identity as both a Jew and a woman of action, and shows us how even people on the margins can marshall their talent, strength, and wit to change the course of history.

The most important sentence that gave Queen Esther the strength and push to risk her life and go to Achashverosh was" I'm hacharsh tacharishi....."

Meaning, if you Esther remain silent and not act, the Jewish nation will be saved from a different source but you and your family will be destroyed. The initial reason you became queen was to save the Jewish nation.

Mordechai changed her view of the danger, it will be dangerous for you if you don't go.

Many other historical and modern Esthers carry on the queen's legacy of courage, resourcefulness, and activism.