In February 2019, twenty Rabbis from different parts of the world said Kaddish in memory of Aharon Ben-Zion Halevi who had burned to death in the fires of Oliveira do Hospital two years earlier.

The name “Babel” was used for this investigation because of Elad Dror’s project to build the highest building in Portugal.

In 2022, the Portuguese police conducted a search of the synagogue but did not remove the process which was headed in Hebrew

The event was attended by around 80 people from 35 countries, who make up Keren Hayesod's global leadership team.

More than 75 rabbis from Russia attended an emergency meeting held in Moscow on September 5th.

“These are all very powerful, very poignant and emotional stories. They are stories that are largely unknown to the larger world, including many in the Jewish community,” said AJC CEO David Harris.