Jewish Museum of Oporto

The organization has just announced that it has paid 135,856.11 euros for policing the central synagogue and the Holocaust Museum since 2019 to date.

The ceremony to which the video refers shows how the Inquisition was taught in Portugal.

Jewish Museum of Oporto welcomed schools from all over the country and showed the memorial with the names of hundreds of victims of the Inquisition.

It is the museum's new acquisition. A painting about a forgotten genocide. The size is impressive: 1.5 in height and width.

An international jury awarded this feature film the Augusta Grand Prize for best film, the Augusta Prize for best director (Luis Ismael) and the Augusta Prize for best actor (Rodrigo Santos).

"Sebastião swore in the house of his God of wood and stone that he would submit everyone to baptism. Whoever did not want would be killed.", can be read in the Megillah.